Stage and Internship

To be admitted to the final exam, students have to earn 6 CFUs by taking on a curricular internship and/or another training or work activity. Internships and other equivalent activities should be done preferably during Year II or III, but in any case before the deadline to complete all exams. Activities undertaken before enrolment in the degree programme will not be considered.
For guidance on internships and/or other activities, we advise students to contact the relevant tutor well in advance, using the email addresses indicated in the Contacts box only.
Students who have already acquired the 6 CFUs are free to take on other internships or training activities, and ask for them to be included in their academic record as extra credits.



For information on curricular internships:
Prof. Valentina Crestani

For information on other training activities:


Curricular Internships

Internships are defined as “curricular” when they are activated according to the ah-hoc procedure established and managed by COSP Internship Services.

To choose their curricular internship, students can:

  • use the tools made available by the University (e.g. announcements noticeboard, to be accessed through UNIMIA);
  • look for internship opportunities on their own (e.g. through personal acquaintances, by sending spontaneous applications or replying to job offers on company websites and dedicated portals).

In both cases, students must comply with the procedures set up by COSP Internship Services, as described below. Host institutions can be located either in Italy (also in a region other than Lombardy) or abroad.
CFUs can be awarded from a minimum of 3 (corresponding to 75 working hours) to a maximum of 6 (corresponding to 150 working hours). Students must agree upon procedures and timing of the internship with the host institution. The minimum duration of the internship is one month.
The tutor in charge of curricular internships is Prof. Valentina Crestani.


If the internship was activated correctly, on the last day the intern and the company tutor receive an email with a link to the final evaluation questionnaire. Filling out the questionnaire is mandatory.

Once they have been filled out, the intern’s and the company tutor’s questionnaires become available on the intern’s AlmaGo account, in the section Internships Management (login via UNIMIA > Jobs and Traineeships).

The intern must download both questionnaires and email them to Prof. Valentina Crestani, along with the application form for the award of credits, asking her to sign the form.

Requests must be sent via the student’s institutional email address ( and the application form must be named as follows: matriculation number_surname_K21 (example: 123456_ROSSI_K21.

Once the request is approved, credits will be recorded on the student’s academic career. 


Other training/work activities

Students may apply for the award of credits for just one of the following activities:

  • Language courses taken abroad in one of the two curricular languages; the final document issued by the course provider must indicate the course duration, type, level and final outcome (from 3 to 6 CFUs, depending on the duration);
  • Italian language courses, provided they are held in Italy; this option is reserved for students of the Stranimedia curriculum (from 3 to 6 CFUs, depending on the duration);
  • Universal Civil Service (6 CFUs);
  • Volunteering abroad, even if it does not involve the use of a curricular language. Volunteering activities undertaken in Italy are valid only if they involve the use of one of the two curricular languages (from 3 to 6 CFUs, depending on the duration);
  • Work activities based on fixed-term or permanent contracts, part-time or full-time, for a minimum of 20 hours work per week (from 3 to 6 CFUs, depending on the duration);
  • Other activities launched and approved by the Academic Board of the degree programme (3 CFUs).

Students have to send an email to with a description of the activity they wish to undertake. They can start the activity only after they receive a positive answer.

At the end of the activity, they must submit:

1) the documentation attesting to the activity that has been undertaken;

2) the application form for the award of credits, duly filled out. NOTE: the form must be saved as matriculation number_surname_k21 and submitted in word format to Students must use their institutional account ( when sending their request. Students close to graduation must include “Urgent request: upcoming graduation” (Urgenza chiusura carriera) in the e-mail subject line.

The request will be processed within three weeks from receipt of the student’s complete and correct documents. Once the request is approved, credits will be recorded on the student’s academic career.


General information (COSP)

An internship (or traineeship) is a training experience encompassing different options:

  • Students can participate in curricular internship/work placement
  • Those who have completed their study programme not more than 12 months ago can do extracurricular internships/traineeships.

The Cosp manages setup procedures for internships in public and private companies and institutions aimed at enrolled students, graduands and postgraduates.

How to find a stage opportunity

Students can either select one of the available internship positions on the University noticeboard or find an internship by themselves.
In any case they must follow procedures established by the Study and Career Guidance Centre (COSP).